Update your favorite rooms with modern or classic home décor at Century 21 Department Store. Shop the home store for the latest home goods—the perfect pieces will be sure to add finishing touches of contemporary or traditional style. From room décor to bathroom décor, Century 21 has a collection of home goods to satisfy all decorating needs. Find your next favorite new room décor accents. Whether you’re adding a pop of color to your wall or unique embellishments to a shelf, compliments are assured as you welcome guests into your home, bed, bath, living room or patio. Browse our home store for comforters, duvets & quilts. Cozy and comfortable sheets are exactly what you need for restful and relaxing nights in the bedroom, whether you seek luxe designer bedding with high thread counts for the master bedroom or popular brands at a price for kids’ bedrooms or overnight guests. Plush comforter sets in colorful prints and patterns are a welcoming touch to your bed or guest rooms. Decorative pillows and stylish curtains call attention to the details. Build on your chosen design motif with bathroom accessories. Towels and shower curtains turn a bathroom into an exciting and distinct fixture. Adorn the room with details that highlight your style and serve your needs. Next stop: the kitchen. Cooking it up for the next dinner party, update your silverware and flatware sets with new kitchen utensils too delicious to pass up. Renew your taste for gourmet fare with delectable dinnerware. Plates and bowls are must-haves for entertaining and everyday breakfast, lunch and dinner needs. Crystal glasses and stemware toast celebratory conversations at hand. At Century 21 Department Store find the best in home décor shopping our designer brands at amazing prices. From room-to-room, make your home an even more serene and inviting place, bedroom, bath & beyond.


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